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I just finished my SEVENTH new recipe for keto bread. I have been trying to find one basic recipe that I could eat when my husband is eating dinner rolls from the deli/bakery, that I could slice and toast for our dinner/breakfasts, and might be able to use for a sandwich. I know – […]

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Vegetarian Keto Warm Egg Salad — KetoDiet Blog

This simple vegetarian low-carb salad makes a satisfying midweek dinner option. Warm veggie & egg salad drizzled with Mediterranean style dressing, all topped with crunchy pepitas and creamy feta.Read more…Premium & Free Keto Diet Plans

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Almond Cookies -Keto Friendly — Simply Splendid Food

SIMPLY SWEET This almond cookie is an explosion of flavour, yet shockingly simple to make. Gluten free. Keto – friendly and does not spike your blood glucose levels. This is my all time favourite ‘cookie’. You may be hooked like I was, with your very first bite. The vanilla extract makes these gems extra good! […]

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Keto Midday Snack — snapshotsincursive

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Start Smart: Keto Midday Snack! The funny thing about the Keto diet is discovering I ate that way, but didn’t know it was a “thing”. I’d pack a lunch in the morning because I was one of those people who ate at my desk. Hence, finger food seemed the logical […]

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Summer Spinach Salad — The Wacky Spoon

Craving a summer salad? I’m a huge fan of salads. I eat them year round, but in the summer, when the heat and humidity turn us into wilting zombies, they make the perfect dinner. Sound familiar? Then I have a delicious summer spinach salad for you to try. Filled with garden fresh ingredients, feta cheese,…

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Quiche Keto-Friendly — snapshotsincursive

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? The Next Step: Quiche Keto-Friendly. So, in case you don’t know the difference between keto, paleo, and gluten-free, here’s a quick study. Keto focuses on fat, carbs, and protein without grains or breads. Paleo avoids most dairy, legumes, and grains. And gluten-free basically means you’ve given up wheat, rye, and […]

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Creation, Blessings from the “Verse of the day” Ministry Podcast. I just created a special prayer episode today for Father’s around the world and I wanted to share a small clip of this powerful episode. Happy Fathers Day and Happy Listening🎧!!! Full episode on Messy.fm iTunes Spotify Google messy.fm/wandasncrediblechristianpodcast #clip #fathersdayprayer #beinspired #liveinspired wandasncredible appreciates you !!!

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