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Greetings Ketofornians,

I made a post to the wandasncredible blog that I meant for ketofornia lol……I am shocked this has never happened before but it’s all good. Check out the blog Ketofornians and just know we are on track and doing what needs to be done. I will be doing the update tho here so do note that and I will make that note on the post too.



Just a friendly reminder, this post contains “Click on the picture now”affiliate image links. Any income I earn is appreciated. Thank you.

Blessings Ketofornians !

Please check out our weight loss event. Alot has gone on and you definitely want to be a part of it. I have lost 56lbs and counting, research has been uploaded, videos, recipes and exercises…plus I am doing a reveal of myself on May 8th along with showing pics from March until now so you must stay tuned.

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